Become a Member

If you are forward thinking, looking to operate on the leading edge of energy systems integration and operations, and grow and advance your organization and career, you should become a member of ESIG.

Through our technical and user group meetings, webinars, blogs and collaborative activities, ESIG members are provided access to credible information, education and networking regarding energy systems integration technology and operations.

Technical Workshops and Special Topical Workshops

Technical workshops offer panel presentations on the latest studies, experiences and information.  Designed to provide timely and broad updates on the most important issues, they are complemented by special topical workshops on areas that require in-depth presentations and interactive discussions.


Technical Working Groups

Working group meetings provide a less formal forum for exploring emerging topics.  At this time, five technical working groups are operating, each focused on specific areas of interest to its members.

  • Reliability Working Group
  • System Operation and Market Design Working Group
  • Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Working Group
  • System Planning Working Group
  • Research and Education Working Group

O&M Users Group

The Operations and Maintenance Users Group offers turbine and solar-specific O&M discussion roundtables where owners/operators of these assets can share and discuss experiences.  This group has special membership rules and protocols so that members can speak frankly and share sensitive information in a safe environment.

Dues Structure

To view the current Energy Systems Integration Group dues structure, click below.

ESIG Dues Schedule 

*Dues are based on your organization’s annual gross revenues or annual operating budget, whichever is larger*